Airstream Airstream (1978) – 84V058000

Vehicle recall defect – The Brakes Are Operated With VacuUM Assistance. The VacuUM Reservoir Tank May Develop Air Leaks From Rust Deterioration. The Rust Occurs Because The Position Of The Tank Does Not Allow Proper Drainage.

Airstream Airstream (1978) – 78V128000

Vehicle recall defect – The Upper Shock Absorber Mounting Bolts Could Move Forward Far Enough To Hit And Damage The Main Hydraulic Brake Line When Vehicle Is Operated Over Extremely Rough Surfaces. (This Could Occur On Both The Road Side And Curb Side Of The Front Axle Only). Damage To The Hydraulic Brake Line Could Cause Complete Brake Failure.

Airstream Airstream (1978) – 78V085000

Vehicle recall defect – The Main Door Striker Pocket May Not Be Positioned In The Door Jamb So That The Lock Bolt Projects A MinimUM Of One-Quarter Inch Into The Striker Pocket When The Door Is Fully Closed. Anything Less Than One-Quarter Inch Engagement May Result In The Main Door Accidently Springing Open While Traveling.

Airstream Airstream (1978) – 77V192000

Vehicle recall defect – The L.P. Gas Bottle Hold-Down Assembly May Have Been Incorrectly Installed On The Involved Vehicles. As A Result, The L.P. Gas Bottles May Shake Loose From The Assembly And Fall From The Trailer Frame.

Airstream Travel Trailers (1978) – 78V219000

Vehicle recall defect – The Refrigerator Service Compartment Door May Not Be Of Sufficient Size To Provide Adequate Ventilation For Liquid Propane Gas In The Event Of A Leak In The Compartment. This Gas Is Heavier Than Air And Tends To Pocket Below The Level Of The Louvers, Thus Necessitating An Additional Vent Opening In The Floor Of The Compartment To Drain Off Any Accumulated Gas Pockets.

Alfa Romeo Spider (1978) – 80V164000

Vehicle recall defect – Due To Installation Difficulties During Modification Of The Fuel Pump, The Pump May Have Been Misaligned. Certain Adverse Conditions Or High Loads Such As Trailer Towing, Motor Sports Events, Or Other Driving Modes Which Impose Abnormally High Loads On The Vehicles, Combined With Low Levels Of Fuel In The Tank, May Cause Lack Of Vehicle Power And Stalling.

AM General AM General (1978) – 81V123000

Vehicle recall defect – The Present Exit Door Configuration May Allow A Passenger”S Foot, Arm, Or Shoulder, Or The Body Of A Child To Become Caught In The Door Pocket.

AM General AM General (1978) – 79V118000

Vehicle recall defect – An Incorrect Length Screw Was Used For Attaching The Emergency Exit Release Mechanism. This May Cause The Handle To Become Loose And, Possibly, Inoperative.