Beams 1201 – 07E056000

Vehicle recall defect – Certain Beams Safety Seat Belts Manufactured Between April 2005 And June 2007 Sold As Aftermarket For Use In Certain Vehicles. The Webbing Surface Does Not Allow Proper Grab With The Adjuster Component. The Webbing Does Not Lock At The Prescribed Angle Of 30 Degrees Which Fails To Conform To Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209, Seat Belt Assemblies.

Norcold 1201 – 10E049000

Vehicle recall defect – Norcold Is Recalling Certain Gas Absorption Refrigerators Which Are Sold For Application In Recreational Vehicles. Norcold Has Recalled Models 1200Ac, 1200Acim, 1200Lr, 1200Lr, 1200Lrim, And 1201Lrim Under Previously Issued Recalls Identified As 02E-045, 08E-030, 09E-026, And 09E-027. These Recalls Covered Cooling Units Installed On The 1200 Series Product Manufactured From December 1996 Through December 2002. Recalls 08E-030, 09E-026, And 09E-027 Involved The Installation Of A Thermal Switch On The Cooling Units Manufactured From December 1996 Through December 2002. With The Action Taken With This Recall Campaign, Norcold Is Extending A Recall Of All 1200, 1201, 1210, And 1211 Models To Include Units Produced From January 1, 2003, To October 6, 2010, With Cooling Unit Models With Cooling Unit Serial Numbers From 700000 To 13085759, Non Consecutively. The Population Of Refrigerators Being Addressed Contains Either A Sensing Algorithm Or A Thermal Switch To Shut Off Power To The Refrigerator When High Temperatures Are Detected In Order To Prevent A Potential Fire. Norcold Has Now Decided The Response Times Of The Sensor Algorithm And Thermal Switch Devices To Stop Power Are Not Sufficient.