Harley-Davidson 1340 (1980) – 80V009000

Vehicle recall defect – The Rear Brake Caliper Casting On Certain Vehicles Could Be Porous And Could Allow Brake Fluid To Seep From The Caliper Assembly. If This Occurs, The Rear Brakes Will Gradually Lose Fluid And Pressure.

Harley-Davidson 1340 (1979) – 79V169000

Vehicle recall defect – The Rear Brake Master Cylinder Plastic Piston Employs A Non-Specified Material Which May Allow Excessive Water Absorption. As A Result, The Plastic Piston Might Stick In The Master Cylinder Piston Bore And Cause Brake Drag.

Harley-Davidson 1340 (1979) – 79V100000

Vehicle recall defect – Certain Vehicles May Have Been Equipped With Front Brake Master Cylinders Which Have Fissures In The Cylinder Bodies. This Would Allow Brake Fluid Leakage Through The Fissured SeCTIon.

Harley-Davidson 1340 (1981) – 81V011000

Vehicle recall defect – If The Rear Shock Absorber Should “Over-Travel” When Motorcycle Is Operated Over Rough Terrain, The Current Position Of The Rear Brake Caliper Could Cause The Rear Brake Line To Contact The Right Saddle Bag Carrier. This Could Cause A Deformation In The Rear Brake Line.

Harley-Davidson 1340 (1980) – 80V126000

Vehicle recall defect – The Wheel Bearings On The Involved Motorcycles May Have Had Inadequate Initial Bearing Lubrications And Sealing. Depending On The Degree Of Insufficient Lubrication, This Problem Could Cause Failure Of The Front And/Or Rear Wheel Bearings.

Harley-Davidson 1340 (1980) – 80V085000

Vehicle recall defect – On Certain Vehicles There May Be A Gradual Loosening Of The Rear Sprocket Bolt(S) And A Decrease In The ClaMPIng Force Necessary To Maintain A Secure Attachment Of The Rear Wheel Sprocket To The Wheel.