Brake Parts 390183 – 00E020000

Vehicle recall defect – Equipment Description: Brake Master Cylinders With Incorrectly Machined Casting, Which Could Result In A Gap At The Area Of The Flange, Resulting In Brake Fluid Leakage. Master Cylilner Part Numbers 390182, 390183, 390184, 390336, 390337, 390338, And 390339.

Dana 390183 – 00E020001

Vehicle recall defect – Equipment Description: Dana Brake Master Cylinders Part Numbers 390182 And 390183 Manufactured Between May 1995 And April 2000. The Defect Involved Is An Incorrectly Machined Casting Closest To The Mounting Flange Into Which The Proportioning Valve Threads. Master Cylinders Machined According To Print Specifications May Evidence A Gap In The Area Of The Flange And Could Lead To Brake Fluid Leaking From This Outlet.