Fidelity 7.00-15 – 97T004000

Vehicle recall defect – Tire Description: Fidelity Century Rib 7.00-15 Lt Load Range “C” Bearing Item Number F06745 Or Gateway Highway Light Truck 7.00-15 Lt Load Range “C” Bearing Item Number K06745, Serial Nos. Fonvkd3436 Fonvkd3446, Fonvkd3456, Fonvkd3466, Fonvkd3476, Fonvkd3486, Fonvkd3496, Fonvkd3506, Fonvkd3516, Fonvkd3526, Fonvkd3017, Fonvkd3027, Fonvkd3037, Fonvkd3047, Fonvkd3057, Fonvkd3067, Fonvkd3077, Fonvkd3087, Fonvkd3097, And Fonvkd3107. These Tires Do Not Meet The Carcass Breaking Energy Requirements Of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 119, “New Pneumatic Tires For Vehicles Other Than Passenger Cars.”