Porsche 928 (1978) – 78V182000

Vehicle recall defect – Certification Labels Installed In The Involved Vehicles May Not Include The Date Of Vehicle Manufacture, As Required By Federal Regulations.

Porsche 928 (1978) – 78V123000

Vehicle recall defect – The Existing Brake Hoses May Have Been Twisted During Assembly. Consequently, The Hose Could Chafe Against The Emergency Brake Cable. Prolonged Chafing Could Result In Loss Of Brake Fluid, Thus AffeCTIng Rear Brakes.

Porsche 928 (1978) – 78V122000

Vehicle recall defect – The Emergency Brake Cable May Have Been Improperly Routed During Assembly. Consequently, The Cable Could Chafe Against The Brake Line Or Brake Hose Brackets. Chafing Could Lead To Damage To The Emergeny Brake Cable.

Porsche 928 (1978) – 78V121000

Vehicle recall defect – The Front Axle Caster And Camber Adjusters Could Crack Due To Improper Manufacture. Should This Happen, The Adjusters Could Loosen And Cause Wheel Misalignment. Also, The Tire On Either The Left Or Right Side Could Experience Extensive Wear.

Porsche 928 (1978) – 78V120000

Vehicle recall defect – The Electrical Contact Points Inside The Steering Column Speed Control Switch May Have Been Improperly Manufactured. As A Result, “Sticking” Could Occur And Cause The Speed Control System To Stop FunCTIoning.

Porsche 928 (1978) – 78V119000

Vehicle recall defect – Both The Left And Right Steering Arm Are Attached To The Front Axle Knuckle With Two Fastening Bolts. These Bolts Are Beveled Below The Hex Head To Fit Into The Chamfered Holes In The Steering Arm For Proper Fastening. The Chamfering In These Steering Arm Holes Was Omitted During Manufacture. Should The Bolts Loosen, The Steering Arm Could Become Loose.

Porsche 928 (1991) – 92V092000

Vehicle recall defect – A Plastic Filler Piece Located In The Automatic Transmission Was Installed Without Sufficient Support. This Filler Piece Can Move Because Of The Hydraulic Pressure In The System, And Not Allow The Automatic Transmission To Kick Down To A Lower Gear.