Oldsmobile 98 (1985) – 84V063000

Vehicle recall defect – Omission Of The Certification Labels As Required By Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 110 “Tire SeleCTIon And Rims”.

Oldsmobile 98 (1971) – 73V013000

Vehicle recall defect – The Possibility Exists That Driving On Unpaved Road Surfaces, Particularly Roads Which Are Heavily Graveled And Which Are Extremely Wavy Or Filled With Chuckholes, At Speeds Which Cause The Car To Pitch Excessively, The Front Crossmember May Scoop Up Loose Stones Or Gravel And Could Be Thrown Into The Engine Compartment. It Is Possible For One Of These Stones To Lodge Between The Steering Coupling And The Frame And Cause Increased Steering Effort Or Interference With Steering Control Of The Car When Steering Wheel Is Turned To The Left.

Oldsmobile 98 (1984) – 89V102000

Vehicle recall defect – A Small Nylon Bushing In The Cruise Control Servo Bail May Slip Out Of Place, Causing Intermittent And Unexpected Increases In Engine Speed Or Dieseling (Engine Run On With Ignition Off).

Oldsmobile 98 (1982) – 82V012000

Vehicle recall defect – Under Certain Vehicle Operating Conditions, The Governor Weight Retainer In The InjeCTIon Pump May Fail. The Throttle Valve Could Stick, Preventing Return To Idle And Shut Down Of The Engine By The Driver.

Oldsmobile 98 (1980) – 79V247000

Vehicle recall defect – The Heads May Break Off The Front Outboard Seat Belt Anchor Bolts During Normal Vehicle Operation Even Under No Load Conditions. This Is Due To The Combination Of Bolts Used, High Installation Torque And Arrangement Of The Body Anchorage.