Saab 99Ems (1978) – 78V208000

Vehicle recall defect – Insufficient Clearance May Exist Between The Fuel Tank Vent Tube And Vehicle Floorpan Where The Tube Projects Through An Access Hole Into The Tool Compartment Under The Trunk Floor. Should The Tube Contact The Lower Edge Of This Opening, It Could Become Damaged And Fail At The Point Where It Is Soldered To The Fuel Tank. Fuel Leakage Could Result, Especially When The Tank Is Nearly Or Completely Full.

Saab 99Ems (1974) – 78V156000

Vehicle recall defect – The Front Seat Belts May Be Of Insufficient Length And Do Not Conform To Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 208, “Occupant Crash ProteCTIon”. These Belts May Not Fit Some Adult Passengers When The Seat Is In The Far Forward Position And The Seat Back Is Adjusted To The Nominal Design Riding Position.