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Vehicle recalls happen more often than your probably think and can happen to even the best brands. Have a look through the list and you will see the luxury brands next to the budget brands. Not all recalls are life threatening, however they still need to be addressed.

Auto recalls are listed from 1949 onward and you can search by year of manufacture, make, model etc.

In addition there is recall information for RVs, trucks and other vehicles. Just just cars. Add some parts and there is a complete inventory of all the official recalls connected to the auto industry.

Start your auto recall search with the most recent for 2019 or then move to earlier years.

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Example Vehicle Recall Notices

Ram 3500 (2015) – 18V486000

Vehicle recall defect – Chrysler (FCA Us Llc) Is Recalling Certain 2015-2017 Ram 1500, 2500, And 3500 Pickup Trucks Equipped With A Power Locking Tailgate And Either A 5 Foot, 7 Inch Or 6 Foot, 4 Inch Bed. The Tailgate Actuator Limiter Tab May Fracture And Cause The Tailgate To Unlatch And Open While Driving.

Thor A.C.E. (2012) – 13V265000

Vehicle recall defect – Thor Motor Coach (Thor) Is Recalling Certain Model Year 2006-2013 Windsport, Model Year 2006-2010 Magellan, Model Year 2007-2013 Hurricane, Model Year 2009-2013 Serrano And Model Year 2011-2013 A.C.E Motorhomes. The Motorhomes Are Equipped With An RV Custom Products Battery Control Center (Bcc) Which May Experience A Failure While The Motorhome Is In Motion.

Trans Tech Student Safety Transport (2010) – 14V628000

Vehicle recall defect – Trans Tech Bus (Trans Tech) Is Recalling Certain Model Year 2007-2014 Student Safety Transporter And Roadstar And 2008-2014 Student Transporter Aero School Buses Manufactured January 1, 2007, Through September 1, 2014, And Equipped With Certain Model S2005, S2010, S5005, S5010, S5505, And S5510 Wheelchair Lifts Manufactured By Ricon Corporation. The Platform Side Plate Of The Affected Wheelchair Lifts May Crack.

Ic Ce (2005) – 03V354000

Vehicle recall defect – Ce Model School Buses Which Fail To Comply To Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 221, School Bus Body Joint Strength. The Roof Top Sheet May Be Improperly Located, Reducing The Material Edge Distance At The Rivet Line.

Chevrolet K10 (1994) – 94V060000

Vehicle recall defect – Trucks Were Assembled With The Left-Hand Lower Control Arm To Frame Rear Nut Tightened Below The Specified Torque. Low Torque On This Nut May Allow The Attachment Bolt To Loosed And Subsequently Fatigue And Break. The Bolt Breakage Can Cause The Left Hand Control Arm To Separate From The Frame.