Accurate Accurate (1982) – 86V013000

Vehicle recall defect – Cracks May Develop In The Welding Of The Structural Support Around The Fifth Wheel King Pin. Consequence Of Defect: The Fifth Wheel King Pin Could Pull Out Allowing The Trailer To Break Loose. This Could Result In A Vehicle Crash Without Prior Warning.

Airstream Airstream (1982) – 84V058000

Vehicle recall defect – The Brakes Are Operated With VacuUM Assistance. The VacuUM Reservoir Tank May Develop Air Leaks From Rust Deterioration. The Rust Occurs Because The Position Of The Tank Does Not Allow Proper Drainage.

Airstream Airstream (1982) – 83V124000

Vehicle recall defect – Brake Line May Develop A Hole Or Leak By Shorting Against A Bare, Live Electrical Line. The Electrical Conductor Could Lose Insulation Due To Melting By Muffler Heat.

Alfa Romeo Gtv6 (1982) – 83V005000

Vehicle recall defect – The Ignition Switch Is DefeCTIve And Causes Starting Difficulties. The Engine May Fail To Start When The Ignition Key Is Turned.

Alfa Travel Trailer (1982) – 85V117000

Vehicle recall defect – Pinboxes Welded To The Hitch Of The 5Th Wheel Unit May Bend Under Certain Conditions Where MaximUM Stress Is Approached Or Exceeded, Causing The KinGPIn To Break. Consequence Of Defect: If The KinGPIn Breaks Free Of The Pinbox, The Trailer Could Slide Off The Hitch And Damage The Towing Truck Or May Separate Completely From The Towing Vehicle And Result In An Accident.

American Motors Concord (1982) – 82V053000

Vehicle recall defect – On Certain Vehicles The Windshield Is Not Properly Installed. The Adhesion Between The Windshield Glass And Urethane Sealing Is Incomplete. This Fails To Comply With Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 212, “Windshield Mounting”.

American Motors Concord (1982) – 81V110000

Vehicle recall defect – The Underhood Wiring Harness And Ventilating Hose May Have Been Misrouted During Vehicle Assembly. Misrouting May Cause Chafing Between The Harness And Various Other Components, Resulting In Short Circuits And MalfunCTIon Of Electrical Accessories. The Switch Which Activates The Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light May Not FunCTIon. The Crankcase Ventilation Hose May Be Too Close To The Air InjeCTIon Manifold Tube And Could Be Damaged If Engine Overheats.

American Motors Concord (1982) – 09E021000

Vehicle recall defect – Federal-Mogul Corporation Is Recalling 2,790 Mechanical Fuel Pumps, P/No. M6737 Sold Under Carter And Napa Brands And P/No. 2M6737 Sold Under Accu-Flow And Tru-Flow Brands Shipped Between August 2008 And March 2009 For Use As Replacement Equipment For The Vehicles Listed Above. The Fuel Pump DiaphraGM Rod In Certain ProduCTIon Runs May Have Been Improperly Manufactured. Improperly Manufactured Pump DiaphraGM Rods May Cause The Pump To Produce Excess Pressure.