Carlisle 100020 – 83T021000

Vehicle recall defect – The Brass Valve Stem Is Bent Excessively, And May Rub Against The Wheel Rim. Valve Stems That Are Bent More Than 90 Degress Are Considered Overbent. Chafing Against The Wheel Rim Will Cause A Small Hole To Be Made In The Valve Stem.

Cooper 100020 – 77T020000

Vehicle recall defect – The Involved Tires May Be In Non-Compliance With Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 119, “New Pneumatic Tires For Vehicles Other Than Passenger Cars”, Due To Possible Development Of Separation In The Shoulder Area When Run In An Overloaded Or Under-Inflated Condition. Continued Use May Cause The Ply Cords To Break And Chafe The Inner Tube.