International 9000I (2003) – 03V071000

Vehicle recall defect – Certain Heavy Duty Trucks Fail To Comply With The Requirements Of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 104, “Windshield Wiping And Washing Systems.” The Windshield Washer Wiper Switch May Not FunCTIon Properly When The Engine Is Running With All Accessories Off, Including The Windshield Wipers, And The Wash FunCTIon Is Activated. Washer Fluid May Squirt Briefly Or Not At All Onto The Windshield.

Navistar 9000I (1999) – 99V264000

Vehicle recall defect – Vehicle Description: Heavy Duty Trucks Built With Code 16Xwd (Sunshade Option Code). Some Wires In The Sunshade Wire Harness Had Insulation That Did Not Meet Temperature Specifications. Some Harnesses Have Been Found To Have Enough Melted Insulation To Create An Electrical Short.